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Lonze, lonzini and filettino

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Lonze, Lonzini and Filettino del contadino

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Lonza, lonzini, filettino ... are they all the same? Absolutely not! The differences are there and above all they can be felt. First of all in the part of the pig used. Lonza, lonzini, filettino are distinguished by the use of capocollo (pork neck) and pork loin.

The cut of the muscle located on the back goes from the neck to the lumbar area is divided into two parts: the capocollo, from the neck up to the height of the eleventh vertebra, and the loin, from the twelfth vertebra to the tail. Both the capocollo and the loin are obtained by separating the muscle from the bones, otherwise you would get pork chops or steaks. The salamis derived from capocollo and loin use whole pieces of meat and not minced meat as in the case of salame or sausages.The capocollo is immediately distinguishable from the loin due to the presence of fat: while the capocollo has showy infiltrations of fat inside of the muscle, the loin is leaner with the exception of a moon of fat that wraps it outside.

Lonza alla Contadina

The Lonza alla Contadina is one of the most characteristic cured meats of the Marche tradition. It's made of both capocollo and loin meat for a more pronounced taste. The meat is salted, peppered, seasoned with a careful selection of aromatic herbs and stuffed into natural gut before being subjected to maturation for at least 120 days. The long resting period and the presence of fat enrich the meat with a unique texture and flavor. The Lonza alla Contadina is a product full of taste and energy.

Lonzino alla Contadina

The Lonzino alla Contadina is a typical product of the traditional Marche delicatessen that uses the pork loin, leaner than the capocollo. After boning, the knife cut gives the loin the typical cylindrical shape. Once enriched with salt, pepper, aromatic herbs and a layer of fat next to the meat, the Lonzino alla Contadina is left to mature for at least 100 days. The result is a lean but very tasty meat with a unique texture.

Lonzino Stagionato

Lonzino Stagionato uses pork loin seasoned with black pepper, aromatic plants and spices that give it a unique and appetizing taste. After 75 days of maturation, the meat is pink and tasty similar to pork bresaola, therefore ideal for a healthy and balanced diet.

Lonza Stagionata

The Lonza Stagionata is a leaner variant of the Lonza del contadino, specially designed to reconcile the taste of tradition with the needs of modern cuisine. Only capocollo (pork neck meat) meat is used, which is salted, peppered, seasoned with a careful selection of aromatic herbs and stuffed into natural casings before being subjected to aging for at least 90 days. The less seasoning and the low fat content gives the meat a delicate flavor that makes it suitable for diets and the most diverse preparations in the kitchen.

Filettino del Contadino

Product of absolute excellence, Filettino del Contadino is made from the loin of heavy Italian pigs, trimmed and then degreased. Similar to the Lonzino alla Contadina, of which it preserves the tanning with spices and aromatic herbs, the Filettino has no lard. The result is a highly lean product that does not give up the fullness of flavor and the sapidity of the meat.

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