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“Ciauscolo Pgi” from Moja

Ciauscolo PGI Moja Salumi tipico Marchigiano
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Ciauscolo PGI (Protected Geographical Indication)

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Il ciauscolo Pgi, is a gastronomic excellence originating from the Marche region, it is a salami with a pink color and a soft and spreadable consistency. Born in the Marche region, it has become famous throughout Italy and also highly appreciated abroadthanks to its characteristics that make it unique in the vast and varied panorama of cured meats. A great classic, which has always been, but which, through the evolution of processing techniques and the concept of taste, becomes versatile and contemporary. Good to spread and enjoy in all its creaminess and freshness, as an appetizer, or as a main dish together with seasonal vegetables and cheeses. For us in the Marche region, the ciauscolo is something sacred and special and which cannot be missing from our tables! This is why we would like to present it to you starting from its history, from the awards up to the preparation of this marchigian specialty!

Ciauscolo Moja Salumi tipici Marchigiani

a bit of history...

The ciauscolo has very ancient origins. Its history is closely linked to the peasant tradition of the Marche. The name ciauscolo comes from the Latin "ciabusculum" or "cibusculum" and would mean the "small food" or "snack" which in peasant custom was consumed, in small doses, in the intervals between main meals because it constituted a reserve of proteins indispensable to face the long winter and hard work in the fields. According to another version, there are those who argue that the term ciauscolo derives from the more dialectal "ciauscolu", referring to the name of the gut used to stuff it and that it was also a food that was always consumed in small quantities only in some important circumstances and in moments of celebration (just to underline its value).


The ciuscolo is the emblem of the Marche region. On 11 August 2009, the ciauscolo obtained the recognition of protected geographical indication (PGI), thus entering the Olympus of typical Italian cured meats. The PGI indication is reserved for the delicatessen product that meets the conditions and requirements laid down by the production specification which establishes its physical, chemical and organoleptic characteristics, and delimits the geographical area of production and maturation.


is the line with which Antica Gastronomia pays homage to the typical Marche delicatessen. In fact, the Ciauscolo Pgi of Mojà is produced thanks to the manual skills and craftsmanship of Antica Gastronomia and the Andreozzi's family.

The original recipe for ciauscolo

It involves grinding the noble cuts of animals such as bacon, shoulder meat, ham and loin trimmings. To enhance the quality of the meat, the mixture is seasoned with aromas and spices such as salt, ground black pepper, wine and finely pounded garlic. Everything is chopped and ground several times until a soft dough is obtained.

But what makes this product unique are not only the ingredients but also the place of production. In fact, the geographical position of the Marche, located between the mountains and the sea, allows for a mild climate which, together with the craftsmanship of the processing, contribute to the uniqueness of this soft and aromatic salami.

A ciauscolo, infinite recipes

The peculiarity of Mojà Ciauscolo Pgi is that it is a very versatile product. In fact, the combinations that can be made in the kitchen are infinite. A great classic is the ciauscolo over the slice of bread, as it was used "once". In fact, the ciauscolo was cut, the skin removed around it and then placed on top of the slice of bread. All accompanied by a good glass of red wine. A good, simple and nutritious dish.

Mojà Ciauscolo Pgi is also perfect for the preparation of delicious first courses such as the famous tagliatelle with ciauscolo! But let's face it ...Mojà Ciauscolo Pgi goes well with everything, even with other types of pasta. It can be enjoyed as a single dish together with legumes, seasonal vegetables or cheeses. From appetizers to first courses up to snacks, you can create many recipes and give space to creativity.

Mojà's "ciauscolo Pgi" goes well with everything,


As we have seen, the ciauscolo has a pink color and a creamy and spreadable consistency. And what about its flavor? If you do not know the product, it can described as delicate but at the same time tasty, spicy, pleasant, sublime scent, capable of conquering any palate

But to really discover what it is like and immerse yourself in its goodness, there is only one thing to do : Taste it!!

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