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Made as they once were

The quality of our products

As grandma says “things should be done as they should be done"... So we have focused everything on quality to not make grandma angry.

Quality, freshness and safety are the main ingredients of our refined production: delicatessen and gastronomy specialties created thanks to the combination of advanced technologies and ancient craftsmanship. Antica Gastronomia carries out the entire production cycle in our factory in Mogliano in the heart of the Marche region. One of the most avant-garde factories in central Italy (CE Certificate no. 1725)

Our flours

We keep the rural tradition alive also with the production of flours with a typical Marche heart. We select only quality raw materials and, guided by experience and with attention to the digestibility of the product. We scrupulously follow the artisanal methods at every stage of transformation: from breaking the grain to sifting or grinding with natural stone, which complies with the peculiarity of the individual cereals and keeps the flour alive. A small supply chain that allows us to produce high quality grains. Our selection of flours includes sieved stone ground corn flour, type "0" soft wheat flour and stone ground soft wheat flour.

The tagliatelle

Our tagliatella is a tribute to simple and healthy peasant cuisine. Made from genuine local ingredients and skilful gestures and secrets handed down from generation to generation. The result is a fine masterpiece of culinary craftsmanship, a heritage of the Marche region. Available in two versions, the traditional egg-based and wholemeal, egg-free. From Mojà to your table, just like it was once made at home!

Cured meat

Our meats come from pigs born, raised and butchered strictly in Italy, to ensure greater control over the quality of processing and the finished product. The entire line of our cured meats is gluten-free and lactose-free. In fact they are prepared following ancient recipes of the Marche tradition, using selected and first choice ingredients to keep the taste and authenticity high, to satisfy any palate.
The ageing takes place according to specific times and methods for each product which guarantees the acquisition of typical taste and consistency.

Oil and olives from Piantone Mogliano

The history of our olive trees begins in Mogliano, in 1997, with an intuition that is immediately “cultivated.” It all starts with the company's decision to allocate a part of its land, located in the Macina di Mogliano area, to the typical variety of the "Piantone Mogliano".

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