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Lonzino alla contadina

21,56 90,43  Iva incl.

The lonzino alla contadina is a typical product of the traditional Marche delicatessen with an unmistakable aroma and taste. Available in two ways: half size and slice.

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The "lonzino alla contadina" is the memory of an ancient custom of the Marche region, consumed above all between main meals because it constituted a reserve of proteins essential to face the long winter and hard work in the fields.Thanks to the presence of lard and rind (the skin of the pig that makes each slice unique),it has an unmistakable scent and a spicy and aromatic flavor.

"Lonza", "lonzini", "filettino" ... are they all the same? Absolutely not! The differences are there and above all they can be felt.


As they say in our dialect…Lu lonzì de lu contadì se riconosce subito dalla parte de cotenna e grassu che glie dà un sapore speziato che non te poli sbaglià.

Weight 2,2 kg
Product lines



100 days

Food specifications

Gluten free, Lactose-free

Storage time

120 days

How to taste it...

The "lonzino alla contadina" is very appetizing whether eaten alone or as a snack / main course.

You need to eat it with wood-fired bread or accompanied only with salad, mozzarella, olives and cherry tomatoes. Its unique composition and its aromatic flavor give the product an unmistakable look and taste, without the need for many combinations.

Nutritional values for 100g

The nutritional values are nothing but information on the composition of the food useful to better manage their diet. It is important to know them not only to see the calories contained, but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle and distribute nutrients in a balanced way. The calories indicate precisely how much energy the food provides to our body and how much they could weigh on the waistline. But actually, it’s the nutritional values that make the difference! What changes and that must be observed with more attention are precisely the nutritional values because, it may happen, that a particularly caloric food is still healthy and beneficial for our health: It will be enough just to take it in the right quantities and not ban it completely from their own diet.
Energy kJ 900/Kcal 215


of which saturated fatty acids






of which sugars






Lonzino Contadina Moja tipici Marchigiani

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