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5 lt can – The Piantone di Mogliano tree

98,80  Iva incl.

Can of high quality extra virgin olive oil from our Mogliano’s olive trees. In the convenience pack with 5 liter olive oil, perfect for daily consumption, you will have an excellent quality price ratio.

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The "Piantone di Mogliano" tree is a variety of olive tree from the Marche region mainly found in Mogliano and in the province of Macerata. It is a plant with limited forcefulness. It is characterized by good resistance to cold and drought. The olive tree is characterized by narrow and elongated leaves and a greyish green color. The drupe has a medium-large size, with an oval shape and umbonate apex, with a small stone and a rich and consistent pulp. - Find out more about the field study of our olive trees.

The "Piantone di Mogliano" oil has very ancient origins and is sought after and appreciated by virtue of its characteristics. This is demonstrated by the numerous national and international awards obtained by companies from the Marche Region in recent years. - Find out more about the oil of the Marche Region.


As they say in our dialect... L’olio Piantone de Mogliano è l’olio tipico de noiatri. Ce l’avemo solo noi e per quesso motiu è pregiato. Infatti noi de Mojà lo raccuglimu da li nostri campi. Lu sapore è fruttato, prevalentemente dolce ma c’ha anche qualche nota de amaro. Sta bè con qualsiasi cibo dal pesce alla carne, soprattutto sopra la fetta de pà caldo è una goduria.



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Storage time

540 days

How to taste it...

From our fields, which have more than 578 Piantone di Mojano olive trees, we obtain a recognizable product, with a yellow-green color, with a tendency to medium or medium-intense fruitiness. Overall it is a very aromatic oil with balanced taste sensations. These characteristics make it ideal to be used raw, to season vegetables and to enhance the flavor of dishes such as tagliatelle with ciauscolo PGI sauce of Mojà. Also perfect in combination with our cured meats.

Nutritional values for 100ml

The nutritional values are nothing but information on the composition of the food useful to better manage their diet. It is important to know them not only to see the calories contained, but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle and distribute nutrients in a balanced way. The calories indicate precisely how much energy the food provides to our body and how much they could weigh on the waistline. But actually, it’s the nutritional values that make the difference! What changes and that must be observed with more attention are precisely the nutritional values because, it may happen, that a particularly caloric food is still healthy and beneficial for our health: It will be enough just to take it in the right quantities and not ban it completely from their own diet.
Energy kJ 3511/Kcal 854
Fat g 94,9
of which saturated fatty acids

g 14,5

Proteins g 0
Carbohydrates g 0
of which sugars g 0
Fibers g 0
Salt g 0
Lonza Contadina Moja tipici Marchigiani
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